Anne Viggiano

Artist Statement

May 2016

I live in Seattle and  have been making art my whole life. I grew up in between the Hamptons and NYC and had access to many art museums, galleries and people who were well respected for making art. This was a great inspiration for me. Making art and living a creative life became my goal very early on.

At Purchase College, I  received a BFA and studied printmaking. Afterwards, I began painting and have continued ever since. My intent is to paint with a distinct style & color  I love painting people and nature, and capturing slices of time that are ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. I like it when the imagery in art is accessible to everyone and captures what bonds us together.

Feel free to contact me to create custom color palettes for your home & business , for commissioned art, and for full interior design services.  All of my art is for sale unless otherwise noted.


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